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SUN Certified Java Programmers from IJTS
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Remarkable Achievements
It’s a miracle to hold all possible world records by a single country for an internationally recognized IT examination. These records proved that Sri Lanka must be in a major position in the IT field, if that field is supported with national policies. Salaries for such professionals in abroad are very much higher than for other professions. Ishantha Siribaddana, the president of the Sun Certified Java Professionals Association, stated that  one day or rather this field will lead to change labour based foreign currency earnings to knowledge based foreign currency earnings to develop our mother land.
If any person earns any level of academic qualification, it may not sufficient to become a professional in the IT field. To become a professional they have to master a selected subject in-depth. The specialty in IT field is that they have to get the certification from the owners of the particular subject. The Sun Microsystems (USA) is the owner of the Java Programming language. All certified professionals are internationally recognized. Following comments and details of such professionals may encourage our knowledge-thirsty learning society bring up to international standard.
Follwing are the World Records